Tuesday, September 21, 2010

teenager's thong

when i first moved in with my girlfriend, i thought her 18 year old daughter was
soo hot and sexy. i used to jack off looking at porn, and then started to get off on pics of her daughter. she likes wearing booty shorts, and i just loved looking at her nice ass in those shorts. sometimes she would be on her bed with her knees bent up, and her panties or sometimes her ass pointing out. she would leave her bedroom door open, and she also started to change her shirts standing by her door. i seen her in her bra, and one night i decided to start wearing just my underwear and t-shirt around the house at night.

for a few weeks she moved her mattress into the living room! it felt so good blowing loads of cum, knowing she was laying in bed a few feet outside my door (with the door unlocked). she would bust in on me sometimes. she would not knock sometimes. a few times she almost caught me jacking off, i had my cock out, but under my shirt. and i opened a blank tab in my browser to hide the porn i was getting off on. she came in and sat at her mom's pc (we have 2 pc's in our bedroom), all the while i have pre-cum oozing from my cock.

she would usually come in our bedroom in the mornings, so i made sure the covers were below my waist when she would be in our room. i usually would wake up when she came in the room with anywhere from a semi-hard on to full blown hard on, but i would play sleep. and open my eyes and take a peek at her eyeballing my cock through my underwear that is laying down the side of my leg.

i was good at firt when i moved in. i would see her panties and thongs in the bathroom. then i would notice  pair of sexy thongs on the floor, they would be there for a few days. then, disappear for a few days, then i'll see them back on the bathroom floor. so she doesn't just wear panties and thongs, she wears them and gets them nice and scented, then lets them dry up and get all crusty. then she'll wear them for a few more days and leave them crotch side up (sometimes in the middle of the floor!). so i thought, might as well take a sneak sniff.  and Mmmm, her scent was so intoxicating, my cock was instantly hard.

after the first few sneak sniffs, i would sniff and lick her panties and thongs every chance i got. i love rubbing her moist/crusty thong crotch on my mustach, so i can talk to her and still smell her pussy. i would take me showers late at night when i knew her well worn underwear were ini the bathroom. one night she knocked on the bedroom door and i answered in my underwear, so about an hour later she walked in our room with just a t-shirt and a thong on. i almost came on myself, since then i have been jerking off soo hard to her teasing me like that that i started to steal her panties when nobody was home, and jerk myseld to orgasim to the sent of her pussy and pictures of her on my pc. then i would return them to the bathroom. 

after she teased me with her t-shirt and thong (which i only could see the bottom her her nice ass) i was soo driven in to wanting to fuck her i started to eat her panty crust. i sniffed women's panties for years and now i took it a step further - i ate the dried flakes and chunks of her panty crust (and it tasted wonderful). i would let it melt in my mouth while i sucked on the ass and lower crusty parts while pulling that funky sweet spot over my nose. the best of both worlds - panty crust in my mouth / panty scent in my nose = huge load. i even started to blow cum on her panty crotch and then eat my cum off, and lick and eat all of the pee stains and tasty flakey crust and the thick paste and drippings from her fingering herself. 

sadly she has moved out of state with her boyfriend (and i only ate her crust and lick her cream when her boyfriend did not cum in her), although i liked looking at cum that came out of her pussy. she wore panties about 10% of the time. her nasty well worn thongs, with the ass string dirty from her ass crack (i loved sucking her ass juice off) will be missed. i was determined to stroke to her sent in the future, so i went through her dirty clothes hamper, went into her pant leg, and pulled out a well worn crusted thong. a was so nervous and excited, i wrapped them up tightly, and placed them in a zip-lock bag to hold that funky sweet scent that she has. she is 19 years old now, and although i love older women - i'll never forget that tasty 19 year old's funky pussy scent. me and my gitlfriend also moved, so when we settle down......   her daughter will be coming to visit, and i will be cumming to her scent, and a variety of sexy thongs/panties. and i'm planning on stealing another pair, maybe two pair.

i wondered if she ever noticed that i was eating and licking her panty crotch clean. this time around when she visits, i'll make it more obvious i'm licking her panty crotch - i will lick clean every pair i get ahold of, after i blow my load on the crotch and eat my cum mixed in with her juices and crust.